Ryan Reynolds Is Looking Pretty Sexy As He Lands In France For Cannes

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless
40 hot shirtless photos of actor Ryan Reynolds.
Again, I don’t know why I always forget that Ryan Reynolds is super hot. Because he is!

The actor was looking especially delicious today as he arrived at the Nice airport for the Cannes Film Festival. I love that fully buttoned up collared shirt, I love the vest, I love the fit of the pants–I love it all. It seems this whole being married to fashionable Blake Lively has been good for him.

And having a movie in competition doesn’t hurt either. 

Ryan is there to plug his new movie The Captive, which follows Ryan’s character trying to find his daughter who was abducted 8 years earlier. It seems really dark. You can see the trailer below and decide what you think of it yourself.

Personally, I’m really excited about him and Blake on the red carpet. I just love any opportunity to see him in formal wear. Plus, now that Blake is all about the fashion she looks less like Muppet to me. (But not that much less.)

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of hot Ryan. Unless he’s in formal wear or shirtless, he should always wear this outfit.