Ryan Reynolds In His Hipster Glasses Is A Sight To Behold

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless
40 hot shirtless photos of actor Ryan Reynolds.
I apologize for the grainy nature of some of these photos, but I feel like it was important to share with you how good Ryan Reynolds looks with these glasses.

Sure we’ve seen him with glasses before, but there’s something about these big, hipster ones that he was wearing on the set of Mississippi Grind that I’m really obsessed with.

Maybe they’ll let Ryan wear them in his new ads as the face of L’Oréal Paris. Well, men’s L’Oréal. I doubt he he’ll be hawking hair dye.

So he’s got that deal, a wife who is often cited as one of the mot fabulous ladies in Hollywood and a new movie? Ryan seems to be doing rather well. I feel like he really needs this.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of bespectacled Ryan. Do you think we can get him to wear them permanently? I would appreciate that.