Ryan Reynolds Continues To Make Us Swoon With His Geek-Chic Look

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless
40 hot shirtless photos of actor Ryan Reynolds.
Ryan Reynolds is back on set and looking super cute!

I’m not used to seeing Ryan looking like this.  The glasses give him kind of a “geek-chic” look that I’m actually into! Blake Lively’s other half was in Culver City yesterday shooting scenes for his new movie Woman In Gold.  Apparently Katie Holmes is also in the flick as well.  The two look to be filming a serious moment.  

I wonder what their on-screen chemistry will be like!?  The movie is about an octogenarian Jewish Refuge, who takes on the government to recover artwork that belonged to her family.  Sounds very deep and interesting.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen Ryan do a serious movie!  Helen Mirren also stars in the film, Ryan is playing her lawyer.  Katie is naturally playing his wife.  Lucky girl…

I’m excited to see him take on a different role.  I’m so used to him always doing comedy.  I’m excited to see cute funny Ryan turn into serious and brooding Ryan.  Judging by the costumes the film looks a tad retro which also could be fun!

Filming for the movie just kicked off in May with more scenes being shot in Austria and the U.K.  The flick is scheduled for release in 2015 so we’ll have to wait a little to see Ryan in his new role!

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