Ryan Reynolds Celebrates His ‘DETAILS’ Cover With Famous Friends

I tell you, I could flip through pictures of Ryan Reynolds until my eyes start to cross.  Seems like it was only yesterday he co-starred on that doofy ABC sitcom, Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place.  Now, he’s the studliest superhero ever in the world.

Reynolds breaks a host of hearts on the June/July cover of DETAILS, and last night the magazine celebrate The Green Lantern star with a dinner at Dominick’s in New York City, inviting the likes of Olivia Wilde, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Jason Bateman, Joe Manganiello, Audra Marie, Greg Berlanti, and Dan Peres to help fete Reynolds.

To beef up for his superhero role in Lantern, Reynolds really had to pack on the protein.  He told Access Hollywood,

“I was eating momentarily distracted tourists… just a couple of shoes sticking out of my mouth.  That’s the thing about these movies, you eat twice as much as you normally would. It’s not less, it’s more, because naturally my body wants to look like Dick Van Dyke. So you’re pounding, you’re eating everything you can possibly eat. So much protein, it’s just awful, you finish the movie, you go home and shrink.”

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Of course, co-star Blake Lively made it difficult for Reynolds to stick to his meathead diet.  Leo’s new galpal was Blake the Baker, bringing in sweets for the cast and crew almost every day of filming.  According to Music Rooms, “She bakes for everybody on the set, I’m trying to be in shape, I have to play a superhero… and she’s coming on the set like Mrs. Fields, every day,” Reynolds explained. “Like a platter of everything, sprinkles everywhere and sugar everywhere and oh my God.”