Ryan Reynolds Brings His Perfect Hair & ‘Green Lantern’ Hotness To Madrid [PHOTOS]

I wonder if Ryan Reynolds is happy that he doesn’t have to attend Comic Con this year? He and his Green Lantern co-stars attended the premiere of their film today at Callao Cinema in Madrid, Spain.

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The actor prides himself on his knowledge of environment issues and works hard to ensure he recycles. His car is electric too, but no matter how seriously he takes being green, there are some things he’s just not prepared to consider.

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“I am very green! I have solar panels all over my house, I re-use water, I have a compost heap,” he explained. “I grew up in a household that was incredibly motivated to give a little bit back in terms of the environment so it’s always come naturally to me. The only area where I do fall down a little bit is clothes – I could never bring myself to wear vegan slippers. So sue me.”

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