Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Look Drab At The Airport

Ryan Reynolds Sans Shirt
Ryan Reynolds takes it off for Entertainment Weekly.
Isn’t it humbling knowing that some A-list celebrities take average, commercial flights just like us regular folk?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted at the Detroit Metro Airport on June 29th looking almost too normal while they waited for their flight to La Guardia in NYC.

Okay, think about this for one second. Could you just imagine taking your seat on a Delta Airlines flight and finding out you are seated in-between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

One can dream, right?

The Gossip Girl star was wearing a green cardigan and and oversized sun hat (Earth to Blake: WHY are you wearing a sun hat indoors?) while Ryan was seen wearing a simple blue button up and Khaki’s.

Despite the couple’s not-so-fabulous get up, they still looked hotter than most people. Also, I can’t rag on them too much just because they were about to hop on a plane.

The couple was spotted a few days later leaving a restaurant in Shanghai. They flew to China so Blake could attend a launch ceremony for Gucci Premiere perfume, which she is the face of.

Its been a busy few weeks for the couple since they were just in Barcelona while Ryan promoted his new film, ‘Turbo’.