Ryan Reynolds And Jason Bateman Try To Sell Us ‘The Change-Up’ [VIDEO]

The Change-Up co-stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds don’t have to do much to sell you their movie.  Still, no one’s gonna kick a promotional video featuring both actors out of bed.  Dressed in head-to-toe white, Bateman and Reynolds insisted that the film’s “wall-to-wall d*ck jokes” weren’t appropriate for certain audiences (grandma and her bridge club, plus a bucket of “soft food”).

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Yes, the art of body switching is a tired cinematic formula.  However, Reynolds insists you just see the g** damn movie.  “Body switching is a pretty stupid f*cking idea, but the movie’s funny if they go they’ll laugh their d*ck off.” The Change-Up, in theaters this Friday, narrowly escaped an NC-17 rating.  It’s cool, though.  The raunchier the jokes, the more audiences will laugh.  It’s science.

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