Ryan Phillippe Has A Bite With His Kids And Rumored Girlfriend, No, It’s Not Ava’s Friend [PHOTOS]

Ryan Phillippe Shirtless
45 drool-worthy photos of a shirtless Ryan Phillippe.
Ryan Phillippe made his boo-boo feel better with a burrito (which was probably delicious), squeezed drinks, and good company.

The edible-looking Phillippe was seen browsing LA food trucks with his daughter Ava, his son Deaconand his rumored on-off girlfriend Paulina Slagter after visiting a chiropractor for treatment on his ankle on March 29, 2013.

I wonder if his meal was gluten-free?

Slagter and Ava appear to be chit-chatting and enjoying a laugh or two, bonding as if they were sisters. And they really do look like sisters. Both the young ladies were seen wearing some Chucks.

Aw Ryan, that’s so sweet of you to provide Ava with a proper playdate! Perhaps that is all it was because he was recently seen with Ashley Greene. We’re pretty confused about what is happening in the lovely love life of the Phillippe.