Ryan Phillippe And Ashley Greene Try And Hide Their Shame While Leaving Nightclub [PHOTOS]

Ryan Phillippe Shirtless
45 drool-worthy photos of a shirtless Ryan Phillippe.
We already know how this will end, so why do they even bother?

There maybe a new romance brewing as Ashley Greene and Ryan Phillippe jumpped into his car after a night at the Vignette Lounge Wednesday night (March 20, 2013).

The pair arrived together and then tried slipping out of the club separate, which as you can see, didn’t work out so well.

Phillipe, who has two children with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and a daughter with model Alexis Knapp. Phillipe has previously dated college student Paulina Slagter, 21, and was romantically linked to Amanda Seyfried in 2011. 

The sighting comes five months after Ashley split from boyfriend Reeve Carney. The former couple were together for ten months.

Ashley opened up about dating in Hollywood after the split, revealing her hectic work schedule can often interfere with romance. “Dating is a hard, hard thing when you have this job. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to Florida and, like, date my home-town boyfriend,” she mused in the December issue of British magazine GQ.

Ashley, if that’s what you’re looking for, then I don’t think Ryan Phillippe is the best choice.

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