Ryan Phillippe & Amanda Seyfried Makeout Over Sushi

Newly illegitimate father Ryan Phillippe and his hot new girlfriend Amanda Seyfried have been heating things up! According to E! Online, the pair went out on a hot date to the famed Wa Sushi & Bistro in West Hollywood. While there wasn’t room in the dining area, the couple sat at the bar. They didn’t seem to concerned with sushi as they were too busy making out the entire time! Totally hot!

PHOTOS: Ryan Phillipe & Amanda Seyfried Look Hot Together As They Escape The Paparazzi!

Ryan isn’t too beat up about his recently bad press, but Amanda has to be pretty bummed with the flop of her film ‘Red Riding Hood’. Seen here, actress Amanda Seyfried looks cheerful despite a little bad skin as she shops in Los Angeles on March 24th. Girl is rockin’ those boots and black leggings!