Ryan Murphy Tweets About ‘Glee,’ Plus Sexy Pics Of Kate Hudson! [PHOTOS]

Oooh lots of good stuff coming from Ryan Murphy’s twitter account these days.

The fourth season of Glee premieres September 13th (that really soon, kids), and he’s posted some really great photos of Lea Michele and guest star Kate Hudson.

Emmy nominee Dot Marie Jones will be back.  “There is no GLEE without Coach Bieste,” Murphy wrote. 

Mike O’Malley will also be back for more quality time with his on-screen son, Kurt (Chris Colfer).  “Always.  They are my favorite two.  Mike O’Malley is so talented,” Murphy wrote.

And what about Blaine’s perfect coif?  Fans asked Murphy if hair and makeup could go less “Ross Gellar” on Darren Criss’ hair.  “Never,” Murphy responded. “#cementkeepsitinplace.”