Ryan Lochte Would Rather Keep His Focus On The Pool [PHOTOS]

Ryan Lochte, why are you so delicious?

The decorated Olympian insists that he went Hollywood for a few minutes to put more focus on swimming.

“Honestly, the only time you ever hear about swimming is during the Olympics,” Lochte told the Associated Press (via NPR) on Wednesday (September 27th).  “I say to myself and to other people: Why can’t swimming be like the NBA or the NFL or something like that, because we do have those big championship meets once a year, so why can’t we have that (attention)?” 

Since leaving London, Lochte made the rounds at Fashion Week in New York, raced Prince Harry in Las Vegas, introduced Lil’ Wayne at the I Heart Radio Festival, and filmed cameos on 90210 and 30 Rock.  As far as Lochte’s concerned, swimming is a breeze compared to acting.

“I did a first cameo for 90210 and I was completely nervous… A lot of stuff comes into play when you’re acting. There’s like different places where you have to be, different facial expressions, hand gestures, just everything comes into play, just for like one little scene. It’s crazy.”

Bless your heart, Lochte.