Ryan Lochte Looks Hot, Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread [PHOTOS]

London 2012
Kate and Will head to Olympic Stadium for the festivities.
Well hello there, Mr. Ryan Lochte. Nice to see you looking so fine and sexy on this Sunday morning. The Team USA swimmer looked calm, cool and collected as he competed in the Men’s 200m Freestyle, Heat 5. From what I can gather, this wasn’t a medal giving competition, but Ryan still placed second in his grouping. Bravo.

Still, that’s nothing compared to his gold medal win yesterday. Ryan even beat out teammate Michael Phelps to take the gold. Don’t worry though, Michael looked just fine with his perfecty sculped abs. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I need to find me a swimmer!

How do you think Ryan feels about his newfound hot symbol status? Like, when you’re put in a “Who’d You Rather” poll with Prince Harry, you know you’ve made it! Check out all the photos from Ryan’s race today in the gallery and don’t forget to tell us which members of Team USA you’re rooting for in the comments!