Ryan Lochte, James Magnussen, Nathan Adrian & Hot Swimmers Whoop It Up At Last Lap Party [PHOTOS]

The 2012 Olympics
Photos from the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.
“We just want to be normal again,” swim champ and silver medallist James Magnussen said over the thumping disco base and din as he led his teammates into the Aussie Olympics hotspot The Last Lap.

Most of the Aussie swim team turned out to blow off some Games steam, joined by hundreds of athletes from all nations, some wearing their Olympic medals and others showing off freshly inked Olympic tattoos.

One such partygoer, who looked to be having tons of fun was Ryan Lochte. He joined the throng of swimmers at the Chinawhite nightclub before leaving at nearly 3:30 am and piling into a taxi with friends and female acquaintances. 

The 28 year-old looked a little worse for wear as he piled into the backseat with his friends and a redheaded female friend jumped on his lap for the ride home.

Ryan didn’t seem to know where to put his hands as he tried to close the door behind her while his up close and personal friend, seen wearing a wristband with his name on it, took a moment to flick the bird.

The taxi driver eventually helped Ryan close the taxi door and they were off back to the Olympic Village.

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