Ryan Lochte Is Mr. Drunky McBobblehead, But I’d Still Hit It [PHOTOS]

Oh, what fun Ryan Lochte must have had at Chinawhite in London last night/this morning.  The decorated Olympian looked more like the frat boy he aspires to be than a dedicated athlete leaving the nightclub around 3:30am, eyes all googley, smile still giggle-inducing.

Yeah, even hammered he’s hot stuff.

Mr. Baller-Half-Dollar didn’t seem to have too bad a hangover, because he tweeted from the USA vs Argentina basketball game today (August 6th).

Don’t say #JEAH, darling.  In fact, don’t say anything at all. 

Note to anonymous girl who literally climbed into the car.  Take a few tips from the former Kate Middleton on how to get in and out of a taxi without making an arse of oneself.