Ryan Lochte Debuts New Fragrance ‘Pool Water’

April 25th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
LOL Of The Day!
Ryan Lochte's 'Pool Water'

Are your sick of the lovable douche Ryan Lochte yet?

Stick around for this one, because this is pretty funny. Ryan is launching his new fragrance, Pool Water, or at least Funny or Die‘s version of a new fragrance.

Enjoy such lines as:

“Dab a dab on the wrist, ladies can’t resist”/ “Tripple over your head, that’s what I said”


“Or maybe you could put a little sprinkle tinkle under your nose so just only you could smell it. It’ll be our little secret.”

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts on Pool Water in the comments below.

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By Michael Prieve

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