Ryan Lochte Back At The Practice Pool, Gets Dumped Over The Phone

Ryan Lochte Interviews
His video clips can get a good chuckle out of anyone.
Olympic swimmer-turned-reality star Ryan Lochte looks a bit cold as he runs near the pool in a tiny Speedo while training at a facility in Vancouver, British Columbia this past Sunday (May 26, 2013).

Lochte headlined the 50th annual Mel Zajac Jr. International swim meet this weekend at the UBC Aquatic Centre.

We learned on the latest episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? that he was dumped by his British girlfriend Jamiee Hollier over the phone after being together for four years. With the couple based on opposite sides of the Atlantic in their home countries, they only got to see each other a few times a year. 

Ryan was out with friends that evening for dinner, he received a call from Jaimee. He waved away the E! cameras and turned off the microphone so he took the take the personal call.

A bummed out Ryan returned to the restaurant and admitted to friends that he had been dumped and wanted to drown his sorrows in a beer.

Aww. Hugs.

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