Ryan Kwanten Talks About ‘True Blood’ And Arm Wrestling With Zac Efron

Ryan Kwanten talked to New York Magazine’s Vulture about the upcoming season of True Blood and how badly his character, Jason Stackhouse wants a superpower.  Will he get one? Probably not.  He told Vulture, “I feel personally that he wants a superpower or some sort of supernatural ability more than anybody else on the show. The comical element, then, is to not give a superhero power to that guy who wants it the most. [But] we’ve been sworn to secrecy for a lot of this stuff.”

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In one of the trailers, we see Jason tied to a bed, ready to get mauled by his new galpal’s family.  “[This season is] supposed to look brutal and dirty. Jason’s life is very much on the line,” he said.

I found this particular story of Kwanten’s adorable, click the read more link for the story…

Back in his homeland of Australia, the strapping young lad was surfing when he accidentally ran into a shark:  “I fell off the top of the board trying to do a fancy move and put my hand down into what I thought was the top of a sand bank. I yanked it out, and blood spurted out. I could see the lifeguard rushing down from his tower. They did an analysis at the hospital that said it was a wobbegong shark, which is, like, a shark with no teeth. It just has gums. So I theoretically didn’t get bitten by a shark — [laughs] I got gummed by a shark.”

Note to Zac Efron (Kwanten’s co-star in WB’s Summerland long ago): Kwanten thinks he can beat you at arm wrestling.