Ryan Kwanten: Money, Abs and ‘True Blood’

There might be some new blood in the fifth season of True Blood, but our fav abs remain oldie but goodies. And Ryan Kwanten has no problem stripping off his shirt and playing the sex-obsessed Jason Stackhouse on True Blood for at least 6 out of 12 months of the year.

“I love playing it for the six months of the year that I shoot it, but when I’m done shooting it I’m looking for another challenge; something that’s going to take me outside that box I feel comfortable in,” said Kwanten, according to The Daily Telegraph. “Whether I fall on my feet or fall on my arse, I dunno. You’ve got to take those risks.”

And the challenges are plenty!

In the last 12 months, Kwanten has starred in Red Hill, Griff the Invisible and just finished filming 7500 with The Grudge’s Takashi Shimizu.

Kwanten, seen here pulling off jetset sexy as he arrived home in Australia for the holidays, will return to the US on New Year’s Day to resume filming the highly anticipated fifth season.

“If you figured we were controversial already this is going to blow it off the hinges,” said Kwanten. “It’s going to touch on a lot of firey topics.”