Ryan Kwanten Has Faithful Gay Fans Despite His Fashion Choices

Holy pimp suit, Batman! What are you wearing?

When Ryan Kwanten hosted the Yellowteen party at Tao in Las Vegas, a chorus of harmonizing rappers walked behind him singing, “She only want me for my pimp juice.”

OK no, that didn’t really happen. But seriously, check yourself boo. This hurricane of fashion disaster should have all of your fans in a total frenzy! Fashion aside, in the December issue of The Advocate, Ryan speaks out about his younger brother, Lloyd, coming out and his committed gay fan base.

“Yes, they’ve always been very staunch supporters of me. The great thing is that it’s a loyal fan base — they’ll stick with you through thick and thin, and I like that. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty.”

Agreed. Except when it comes to fashion. Listen to the people Ryan. We prefer you as naked as possible.