Ryan Kwanten And His Huge Ripped Body Go For A Dip In Malibu

August 6th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Here’s a little hump day treat for you!

Ryan Kwanten and his Adonis like body running through the waves in Malibu.  I swear these pics of him look like something out of a commercial, or my dreams.  Not only does he have a six pack but just take a look at his back muscles.  His body is just perfect all around and the fact that he’s an Aussie just scores him more points in the hottie department.  

I still have not come to terms with the fact that we’ll be seeing a little less of him each week.  We won’t be seeing much of Officer Jason Stackhouse since True Blood is in its final season.  There are only two more episodes before the series finale, so these shirtless Ryan moments really are precious.

Speaking of shirtless Ryan, we hope you caught him in all his half-naked glory on Sunday’s episode.  Hoyt returns from Alaska and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) stops his shirtless vacuuming long enough to reunite with his best buddy.  But that wasn’t the only peek we got of naked Jason.  Just for good measure, Jason’s chiseled body plagues Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) in her delusional vision during the episode.  Is that supposed to be scary? Doesn’t sound half bad if you ask me.

Don’t want to give too many True Blood spoilers away but I will tease one more for you.  Could there possibly be a Sookie and Bill happy ending just in time for the series finale?  We sure hope so! But with this show you never know!  Now back to Ryan.

Launch the gallery to appreciate the beauty that is Ryan Kwanten’s body.

By Candice Brock

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