Ryan Gosling’s Head With A Pizza Body & Other Surreal Celebrity Painted Anthropomorphic Freaks By Artist Jessie Bowie [PHOTOS]

Art By Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins' sculptures will make you do a double take.

27-year-old American artist Jessie Bowie says that she “sits at the kitchen table and paints anthropomorphic freaks,” including David Bowie as a Pegasus, Michael Jackson as a tiger and “Prince as a purple horse leaping into your heart.”

Her other pieces include Bill Murray as a jaguar shark and Lil Wayne as a gremlin. “I spend a lot of time looking at people on TV and imagining what they would become if they suddenly morphed into an animal,” Jessie told WENN

“Sometimes I get ideas from their films and sometimes I go by their facial features, demeanor or the way they walk,” added the artist who sells her watercolors on Etsy in the very reasonable price range of about $40-$100.

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