Ryan Gosling Would Prefer That Eva Mendes Not Walk Around Naked All The Time

Ryan Gosling may be the only male who doesn’t want her to do so.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Eva Mendes naked before. Doesn’t she drop trou in lots of her movies? Doesn’t she do lots of photo shoots and ad campaigns that are very close to being porn? I was just trying to conjure up the image of Eva naked, and I could easily remember/imagine it.

So, what is my point? Eva doesn’t care. She’s not one of those “You have to pay extra to see my boobs” kind of women. She’ll show everything. And apparently that’s how she is in real life too, at least according to Star. Eva wanders around in the buff all the time when she’s at home, and it’s starting to irritate Ryan Gosling, who apparently wants to eat his corn flakes without having to look at his naked girlfriend.

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