Ryan Gosling Stands Up For The Birds, Talks About ‘Drive’

Ryan Gosling is a fascinating man. Sexy, good actor, magical human being and fascinating. Ryan was recently interviewed about his new movie Drive, which people are loving on the festival circuit. Plus, in addition to being in quality films, Ryan cares about animals. I know! I’m sure these traits and more are what drew rumored lady Eva Mendes.

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You may that Ryan likes those heroic manly characters, but actually they’re not up his alley and he doesn’t feel he works in them. “Well, I’m not that good looking. I’m a pretty weird looking guy. I know that but that’s the magic of movies. If you play somebody who’s the romantic lead, it casts that spell and people believe that about you but it’s not true. Every role I got up until The Notebook was the weirdo freak psychopath nerd outsider character guy. I was playing Neo Nazis and gay football players and doing a bunch of weird kids’ TV.” Let’s back up, Ryan you’re incredibly good looking. Continue.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan is using his star power to do some good. He sent a letter to USDA on behalf of PETA calling for humane euthanization of birds that have been exposed to diseases. Apparently, now they use a foam to suffocate the chicken. Aww, come on. Killing them quickly! Ryan, always cares. Even about people he’s never met.

I’m really excited about Drive. Sure it has very little dialogue, “Dialogue just wasn’t necessary any more. If you eliminated the dialogue, people are smart, they can see how someone’s feeling, you don’t need to tell them,” but the story seems intense. I’m excited. Check out photos of Ryan at the Drive premiere at TIFF. Oh Ryan, we love you.