Ryan Gosling Shows Of Pooch & Talks About Licking Hairy Bellies

Yup, you read that last part correctly. Hot-as-shit Ryan Gosling stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his new movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, and he had a few fun stories to share. We all know that Ryan likes to be the prankster, but I’m pretty sure the stories are true. There’s a fantastic video of it after the jump.

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Before we get to that however, look at how cute Ryan’s dog is! His name is George. The Clicker thinks that Ryan may have a self-esteem problem as Ryan claimed, “He’s more interesting than I am, so I thought it’d be helpful to have him out here.” George spent the interview eating some apple and being cute. As for the sock, he’s got a “hot spot,” which is a spot he always chews on. AND! He’s got a mohawk, because apparently he becomes a jerk without it.

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As for the licking hairy bellies, Ryan doesn’t seem to be joking around. Since recently moving to New York he thought it would be fun to hit up a Turkish bath. But suddenly, one thing led to another–the guy was in front of him, Ryan opened his mouth, and bamb! There was his bathers hairy belly.

Ryan has been a promoting machine for his new movie. He even stopped by the Today show with co-star Emma Stone and did a little dance. God he’s so hot. I mean, look at that man in the gallery. I love him. And George. Watch the video after the jump!