Ryan Gosling Is Already Gaining Those Good Dad Points By Taking Care of Eva Mendes

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File this story under: things I’d like guys to do for me.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan Gosling is already taking on that all important “caring father-to-be” role. Oh, did you forget that Eva Mendes was pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby? Yeah, sorry to re-ruin your Wednesday, but few of us will have him now.

So what’s the super hottie doing for his baby mama? 

An insider told Us Weekly, “Ryan goes out and gets the groceries. [Eva’s] been wanting pasta, and he’s cooking her meals.Ryan has already stepped into the role of caring father-to-be.” Well duh Ryan Gosling is going to be a perfect father, he’s a perfect human. Also, that is adorable. “Sweetie, can you make me pasta?” “Of course I can, my darling angle face.” (I assume that’s how they talk.)

Ooo, now I kind of just want pasta. Hey Ryan, can you make me some?

Alright Ryan and Eva, you guys have been teasing us long enough. I need to see her baby bump, and I’d like to see Ryan belly cupping it. Normally I think belly cupping is absurd, but I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy him doing it. So what do think of these two? Are we loving it yet? Sound off in the comments below!