Ryan Gosling Gives His Best Smolder At ‘Only God Forgives’ Premiere

Ryan Won't Eat Cereal
The best of the Ryan Gosling won't eat cereal Vines.
Actor Ryan Gosling looked dashing in head to toe Ferragomo, wearing an all-white suit and tieless shirt, matched perfectly with brown leather shoes as he posed for photos at the New York City premiere of Only God Forgives last night (July 16, 2013). Girlfriend Eva Mendes was no where to be found.

Gosling spoke about what it was like to re-team with Drive director Nicolas to play drug smuggler Julian in the Bangkok-based crime thriller.

“You know, we’re pretty good friends,” Ryan told MTV. “I know he had a lot of options after Drive, and there’s a lot of, you know, big names and budgets being thrown around, and he still sort of opted to go and make this, which was pretty small in comparison, very personal.” 

The Inquisitr spoke with Gosling at a press conference for Only God Forgives, in which the actor talked about those how those internet memes influence his film work.

THE INQUISITR: You’ve done incredibly violent and stylish films where crime and pain aren’t exactly glorified, but they look cool. Do you think there’s room for the “Hey Girl” era of Ryan Gosling, or are you deliberately skewing that?

GOSLING: I thought I had never really made a violent film until I was reminded that I did. I made this movie called Murder By Numbers. It feels like a lot of time has passed but only in the last two years have I been experimenting with these kind of things, and the reaction is strange, and much stranger than anything I’ve ever done before. For instance when we did Drive we were at Cannes and Christina Hendricks gets her head blown off and everybody cheered, and they were so happy about it, and excited, and it was the most bizarre reaction that I could imagine. I feel like I’m learning about it.

We do live in a very strange world, but at least we have Ryan Gosling.

Check out Ryan and his smolder by launching the gallery.

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