Ryan Gosling Gets Soaked For Interview Magazine

Ryan Gosling has done an interview with Steve Carell for Interview magazine. Why, you ask? Well, the two are co-starring in the upcoming comedy, Crazy, Stupid, Love, alongside Julianne Moore and Emma Stone.

And as the article surmises, Gosling has had a very interesting career thus far in Hollywood, having a teen-drama under his belt, an obscure indie film where he falls in love with a doll, an Oscar nominated performance as a school teacher is getting rave reviews once again for his film with Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine.

Check out a bit of the interview between Carell and Gosling after the jump!

CARELL: How do you feel when you see yourself on film?

GOSLING: I hate it. [laughs]

CARELL: Really?

GOSLING: Yeah, because there’s no way that a film can capture in two hours the experience of making it, so it’s always disappointing in some way. The thing that’s so exciting when you’re making a film is that it can be anything and there are no limitations on it. So I do have to remind myself that most people watching the film weren’t involved in making it, so they don’t really know what’s missing.

CARELL: Let’s talk about this movie you’ve done, Blue Valentine. [in talk-show voice] Tell me about this film, Ryan.

GOSLING: [laughs] Well, Steve, it’s a romantic film—I hope—which follows this couple during two different time periods in their lives together: One is when they meet and fall in love, and the other is six years later, when they have a kid and they’re kind of searching for where that love went. It’s kind of like that song “Where Did Our Love Go?” Michelle Williams plays my wife in the film.

CARELL: I want you to know that this is getting quite a bit of advance buzz. There’s advance buzz, Ryan—I think you should know that.

GOSLING: Oh, no.

CARELL: People are abuzz. People are buzzing about it.

GOSLING: [laughs] Really?

CARELL: There is a buzz.

GOSLING: This is like talking to my mother.

Interview magazine featuring Ryan Gosling will be out next month.