Ryan Gosling Gets His Mixed Martial Arts On [PHOTOS]

Actor Ryan Gosling was spotted leaving a mixed martial arts class yesterday (December 28) in Hollywood, CA. He seemingly enjoyed it, because after the class Ryan went to a MMA store to buy some new gear.

He’s gotta keep his rock hard body in shape!

The actor who is dating Eva Mendes, may want to enjoy the romance while he can because a friend of Ryan’s doesn’t believe that the relationship will last.

“She’s into the glamour thing, fashion and celebrity, and Ryan’s not like that at all,” the friend revealed to Life&Style.

The Notebook star has dated Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams in the past but is apparently very down to earth and not into the showbiz lifestyle.

“He’s so natural and friendly,” the pal added. “Not a Hollywood type at all. In a few months these two will be like, ‘What do we have in common?’”

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