Ryan Gosling Comments On His New Film and Being Snubbed

Ryan Gosling
Working Out With Mixed-Marshal Arts
Hollywood hunk, Ryan Gosling, is in Bangkok filming Only God Forgives. He reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that the city is,

“Incredible… Ever since I came here I’ve been dreaming about making a film in Bangkok. I’m happy to be here.”

The actor has been training in two to three hour daily training sessions for the boxing senses in the upcoming film. Although, Gosling admits that he still hasn’t watched a Muay Thai boxing match yet, he is extremely impressed with the fighters who are helping him train.

Gosling says,

“It’s very hard. They have people training around me and they could all beat me up.”

After commenting about his current film, Gosling was quick to hush any speculation that he had been “passed-over” recently.

When he was asked about not being voted the Sexiest Man Alive, he said:

“I voted for Bradley [Cooper] and I’m glad he won.”

He was then asked if he felt left out after not receiving an Oscar nomination, he simply replied, “no.”

Gosling has recently revived raved reviews from audiences and critics alike for performances in both fils, The Ides of March and Drive.