Ryan Gosling Brown Bags It In New York City [PHOTOS]

Ryan Gosling Is Cool
Photos of Ryan Gosling at his coolest.
Hey girl, I got this sandwich for you. That’s what I’m imaging Ryan Gosling would have said to me.

Gosling was seen out and about in New York City on yesterday (April 10). He had lunch with a friend then took a stroll through the city.

If you are in New York City, you may have had a chance to participate in a Ryan Gosling Easter egg hunt.

A a Twitter account was set up to encourage people to hunt for 200 Easter eggs hidden in New York City. 

Each egg includes a picture of Gosling and clever Easter-themed messages such as “Hop on over to my house already.” The slips of paper are signed, “Happy Easter from Ryan Gosling. Tweet your egg @GoslingEaster.”

The Twitter handle tweeted clues to the colorful eggs’ whereabouts, interacting with followers and congratulating people who have found them.