Russell Crowe’s Fists Will Take The Rest Of The Year Off

July 30th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Russell Crowe has announced he won’t be leaving his home in Australia for the rest of 2010– that means no movies, no promotion and definitely no chewing out journalists or strangling producers!

The actor wants to take some time off to spend with his wife and two young sons, instead of spending too much time filming far away.

“I don’t want to get on a
plane again this year,” the tempermental star said. “I want again to take a step back and put a
normal rhythm back into the kids’ lives.”

Ever the egoist, he made sure to mention that the reason he can do such a thing, is because, well, he’s just SO in demand.

“I know what it is that turns me on in my job and I know if…
something comes up that I want to do then I’m usually allowed to do it,” he said.
“I do the things that drive me from a pure place.”

Crowe made an appearance at a press conference in Sydney on Tuesday to announce he’ll be joining the cast of Ben Hur as the narrator. But it’s safe to say, that won’t be underway for a while.

So who’s ready for a brawl-free 2010?!

By Lola Robertson

  1. macca

    What idiotic comments about Crowe!

    He hasn’t been involved in a single incident since 2005. He never strangled anyone, but he has chewed out a lazy journo or two… and I can sure understand why.

    His comment about what motivates him to take on a project was a nice, civil answer to a question about how he makes his choices.

  2. Francisca Susi

    Another f***ing idiot who calls him/herself journalist tried to make some idiotic comment on Crowe. Just enjoy the pics, everybody. Screw the one who wrote the comment ’bout him! He made his mistakes, everyone does. He’s a changed man, more mature, a loving husband and a wonderful dad. He’s forever one of the greatest actors of this era. One thing for sure, a more decent human being than the one who makes this f***ing stupid comment on him.

  3. Richard

    Nooo. Everyone does not behave the way this idiot does. He’s a violent thug. There are numerous incidents. Why the denials? Unless he has had some serious psychological treatment since his conviction then it’s only a matter of time before he erupts again. His nasty arrogance was in full flower during his very recent Robin Hood PR tour.

    Crowe is staying in Australia cause no one is beating down his door for work. This is just a graceful way to avoid that sad truth.

    Maybe Crowe’s fan club should stay home as well rather than posting inane excuses for him.

  4. Liz

    “Why the denials?”
    Why? Because the first two posters spoke the truth. And the truth is that there have been no incidents since 2005. None. And what was this “nasty arrogance” during the Robin Hood PR tour?
    Did you, Richard, watch Leno? Letterman? The Ellen Show? The Oprah show? The dozens of TV spots? The LA press conference? The Cannes press conference?
    And it’s a certainty you never listened to the FULL British radio interview where he was baited by the interviewer.
    I’m not a member of a fan club. But I do know the truth when I SEE it , as on those TV shows, and I don’t believe tabloids.

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