Russell Crowe Plays With Stuffed Animals

Who knew that Russell Crowe would be such a doting father? We all know and love him from his days of hitting people with hard objects, but it seems that those days are behind him.

Look how cute he is as he hangs out with his son and wife at the Woolloomooloo Wharf in Sydney, Australia. Oh, by the way, I’m moving there for obvious reasons. Russell just got back from England where he was busy shooting Robin Hood. I like him as Robin Hood.

Russell looked like the perfect family man with his wife Danielle Spencer and his son, Tennyson. The best part is that his son thought it would be funny to put his stuffed animal on daddy’s head. It’s a good thing daddy loves you a lot cause I feel like if anyone else did that they would no longer be on this planet with us.

They honestly look like the happiest family ever. I wonder if the Crowe family ever hangs out with Cruise family? You know that Tennyson and Suri Cruise would make the most adorable couple ever. Plus, both their dads can be kinda crazy sometimes! It’s perfect! I’m like a total matchmaker.

Gallery Info: Russell Crowe and family spend a lovely day at Woolloomooloo Wharf.