Russell Crowe Burns Past Robin Hoods

April 30th, 2010 // 1 Comment

In typical fashion, the egocentric Russell Crowe started a feud with all the past Robin Hoods who came before his portrayal of the character in Ridley Scott‘s upcoming film. Let’s hope he doesn’t plan to use his sword on them! You can never trust those hands

The actor, pictured at photocalls for the film in Spain on Wednesday, sat down at a French talk show on Tuesday to dish on the past men in tights in anticipation of his film’s premiere at Cannes May 12.

The actor called the Disney animated Robin Hood “the best by far,” and compared the early 90s Kevin Costner version to “a Jon Bon Jovi video.” Crowe also critiqued the 1938 classic  The Adventures of Robin Hood: “The practicality of going
through an English forest, with all its coarse bushes and bramble and
all that, in green tights? Not very practical now, is it?”

So what’s so good about his portrayal?

“Past filmmakers and studios have ‘supposed’ things about Robin Hood,” the temperamental but talented star said, while his version 
“depicts the origins, where he might actually have come from.”

By Lola Robertson

  1. Dr.Horrible

    What a moron…Robin Hood is a Myth/Legend made up by Bards in the Middleage and the story accumulated more and more details that were not part of the original story (Marion, King Richard, Prince John)…

    “depicts the origins, where he might actually have come from.”…definetly maybe…BLAH

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