Has Russell Crowe Lost His Looks?

February 22nd, 2008 // 17 Comments

Russell Crowe and his family enjoyed a day out shopping in Beverly Hills and I know that he might just be dressed casually for a simple little day of shopping, but still–what’s with the varsity jacket? It’s such a strange look, in my opinion–like an aging high school athlete holding on to the memories of his youth.

I feel like Russell’s looking a bit rough these days. Or maybe I’m being too harsh. I don’t know. There’s something about that ponytail that makes me think that perhaps he’s just given up.

Photos: Flynet Online

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Photos: Flynet Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Granger

    He does look rough… But maybe (hopefully) the ponytail and weight gain are for a film role?

  2. Buzzkut

    Most Australian men like being called rough, rugged and are nonchalant about their looks. It’s age and knowledge of risky survival in those wrinkles and weathering, even bulk that makes the man seasoned, well fed and wise, so they don’t desire to be called voguish, handsome and soft around the edges.

  3. Persistent Cat

    He looks french. I don’t mean France french, I mean Quebec french. Everywhere I look, there are disgusting men with ponytails and nasty nasty clothes and they all drive some type of shitty car with the name emblazoned across it (congrats on the Cavalier, Jean-Guy).

    There’s a difference between rugged and disgusting. He’s not doing rugged.

  4. nina

    his wife looks any better? with those jeans and the bleached blond hay on her head ? His looks have always been borderline at best. He’s a good actor but not necessarily the guy you’d pick as an accessory for your arm.

  5. Lous

    Well at least he is out shopping with his family and enjoying being a daddy. Daddy doesn’t have to look Mr. GQ, Maybe the idiot printing these headlines, had an absent father. Who the hell cares if he loses his looks, his real life role is a lot more important.

  6. jojo

    Did he ever have any?

  7. tam

    wtf happened to him???? he used to be so freaking handsome! now he looks like a homeless person. http://tampham.blogspot.com

  8. Deborah

    Truthfully, I don’t see the problem here. He’s schlepping around with the wife and kids, not walking the red carpet. He’s got the same look most Dads of toddlers have: lack of sleep. Cut the guy some slack, ladies.

  9. Stephen

    He’s wearing the jacket of the rugby team he owns, South Sydney Rabbitohs. It’s called team spirit.

  10. Nania

    WHY the hell do you not have a follow up on PINKs statement never to divorce? Its hilarious

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  12. jshep

    Are you kidding me? He’s gorgeous and I would eat him alive.

  13. Zelda F.

    He’s dumpy and could not care less about how he looks. Good or bad? His life. But he’s just plain dumpy.

  14. jesca

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  16. bluegardenia

    hey ebonyprincess: wow girl you’ve got issues…get a grip..who’s hot in your house Fittycent????
    Russell Crowe is magnificent. He’s hot I don’t care if he’s in a Tux at 180lbs or in his Rabbitoh jacket at 230lbs…who gives a royal fcuk.
    You rock Russell!

  17. Athala

    Well you all proved to be a bunch of dumb-asses. He gained that weight for a role in a wonderful movie and has not lost it. I’m willing to bet that over half of you have bellies squeezing out from your pants because all you do is sit in front of a computer and look for people who share your own faults. At least he has lost his weight. Now, I suggest that you all go out and do some aerobics and some sit-ups and shut the fuck up because nobody is perfect. Here’s a cyber cheeseburger for you. STFU.

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