Russell Crowe Speaks

Russell Crowe’s schlepping a new movie around town, and is doing something other than monosyllabic grunting and hurling communciation equipment at terrified concierges. He’s getting gay on us and giving up the gossip! Does he want to write for us? Russell talked about Leonardo DiCaprio’s virginity to “Entertainment Weekly”. Huh?

“You know, I worked with Leonardo [DiCaprio] when he was 17,” Crowe recalls. “He was a virgin and he’d talk about that constantly.”

Of course, Leo has made up for lost time – what with his conquests of supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli, among others. So Crowe is looking forward to debriefing the lothario on their upcoming “Body of Lies.”

“I’m hoping … he can fill [me] in on what’s happened in between, maybe show some photos,” Crowe laughs in Entertainment Weekly. “I’m sure life’s different now.”

Well, his crew WAS called “Leo’s Pussy Posse” so that might not be a stretch. Just because you’re ecologically minded doesn’t mean you’re not skeevy. Oh, and guess what else Russell did? He suggested to Spike Lee that he play a black guy in one of his films. And he can’t understand why Spike doesn’t speak to him anymore. Imagine that! Keep reading for details.

Photos: Getty Images

“I said something to Spike [Lee] one night, and he’s never been the same to me since,” he says. “He was trying to get me to play [German boxer] Max Schmeling in the Joe Louis story. If I was in it, he’d get this $100 million financing. But it’s just a secondary role. And I said to him, “I want to be Joe Louis. I want to be Muhammad Ali. If you want to work with me, let me be Joe Louis. … I think he took it the wrong way. … I don’t get any more birthday cards from him.”

Yeah, numbnuts, the African-American director might have taken the BLACKFACE idea the wrong way. *rolls eyes*