Russell Crow Continues To Be Russell Crowe

May 15th, 2010 // 1 Comment

In the least surprising news of the day, Russell Crowe (seen here at Cannes) stormed out of a recent interview with Mark Lawson when Lawson commented that Russell’s accent sounded a bit Irish to him in the new Robin Hood flick. Apparently this totally rocked Russell’s world, as he had attempted to give the classic outlaw an accent from the Yorkshire region of Britain, where scholars believe he may have once lived, instead of Nottingham, where the tale always told Hood was from.

Instead of giving the interviewer THAT as a response, Crowe responded with a polite, “No I was going for an Italian (accent) … missed it? F–k me.”

Ah, yes exactly, Russell, F–k you.

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By Bailey Edwards

  1. t-man

    i call shenanigans. no one was talking about this movie until the interview. the quote was born out of desperation to get people to realize that there is another robin hood movie coming out and that cosner isn’t robin this time.

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