Russell Brand Opens Up About His Sexuality

Rolling Stone has named Russell Brand their cover boy, and boy does he deliver. The hilarious comic gave some hilarious answers to the magazine’s questions about his sex life and his past.

“Going on a voyage of self-discovery isn’t as exciting as getting your
cock sucked while chomping on chocolate and playing Nintendo, is it?”
Brand said of his new fame after a breakout performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. “Ultimately, it’s more gratifying.”

He’ll star this summer in Get Him To The Greek, in which he’ll again play out-of-control rock star Aldous Snow.

But he’s definitely gotten more tame than in his younger years. First of all, he’s got a woman to think of, fiancee Katy Perry and he’s kicked a nasty drug habit. His new vice?

“Whilst on tour, I masturbate a little bit, but not too much,” Brand said. “It’s similar to the monkeys you see masturbating at the zoo.” Um, OK…

Brand, wearing what looks to be a thong in one of the photos, never seems to be conventional, pictured at his shop  “Buy Love Here”, which opened for
one day only yesterday in the Beverly Center for his new documentary. No money was exchanged for items with in the store, only trades could be made. Bizarre!