Russell Brand Makes Kissy Face Down Under

March 19th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Ladies man Russell Brand arrived at Watsons Bay in Australia and received a warm welcome from one of the locals. It appears as if the comedian struck the fancy of a mystery blond, who obliged his advances with a kiss.

Brand, who claims to be making an effort to curb his sexual appetite showed no signs of slowing down his romantic advances towards the fresh-faced lass, who was dressed in a brightly-colored summer frock. He even stripped down to his underwear so he could take a swim.

Then again, this might actually be moving slow for Russell. Usually, by this point, he’s requested (albeit politely) to STICK IT IN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! But in a charming British accent, of course.

Gallery Info: Russell Brand makes out with an Australian girl upon his arrival at the harbor of Watsons Bay in Australia.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mark

    What a no talent douchebag.

  2. TOViewer

    It looks all very romantic.
    He talks to her about the book she’s reading. comments on it, flatters her, makes her feel like she’s the centre of his universe (if only for a few minutes)…..he gets a kiss!
    How hard can that be for the rest of the guys out there to get a clue and learn from a master

  3. nena

    he is a horny dog. he hit on me when i was an extra and directly asked me to go to his trailer. ick.
    fame makes morons out of idiots.

  4. Dwnmxuxr

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