Russell Brand & Katy Perry: Lovers In Knitwear

In case you were wondering how long-legged couple, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, keep the fires of their love burning, even in cold weather–the answer is wool caps.

The twosome were spotted today walking hand-in-hand as they left Russell’s home in London and made their way to the Chamomile Cafe in Primrose Hill. Russell and Katy made quite the couple, each in their skinny black jeans, black sunglasses, long hair and knit hats.

Clearly, Katy’s doing her best to brave the cold weather in England. In fact, she’s been getting so cozy with her British boyfriend that she recently Twittered that a rumored romance with Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is total “BULLOCKS.”

Hmm, just remember to drive on the right side of the road when you get back, Missy.