Russell Brand’s Latest Legal Drama, Tries To Ignore It By Smooching Girlfriend

Russell Brand needs to pull up his pants.
Russell Brand In London
The actor walked around town sans wedding ring.
In case you missed it, earlier this week Russell Brand got a little fed up with the paparazzi in New Orleans. He broke a pap’s window and the pap’s iPhone. Following that, Russell joined the elite group of celebrities with arrest warrants. But don’t think he’s gonna go lightly. According to TMZ, Russell has already hired an attorney to fight the felony. 

According to reports, if Russell is officially charged with the felony his defense is going to argue that in total the items he broke were only worth $500 and he’s already paid to get the window fixed. Honestly, why get the law involved? Have Russell give you a check and then you’ve got an awesome story about how Russell broke your window and phone. That’s what fender-bender guy did

The news doesn’t seem to be getting Russell down. He was spotted in West Hollywood with his latest lady friend, Oriela Medellin, enjoying a nice smooch and a fabulous lunch. Good luck sir!