Russell Brand Who? Katy Perry Loves It Up With Robert Ackroyd At Coachella [PHOTOS]

April 23rd, 2012 // 1 Comment

It’s on! Katy Perry was spotted at the Coachella music festival up close and personal with new boyfriend Robert Ackroyd, guitar player for Florence and The Machine yesterday (April 22).

A source backstage at the Californian event told Life & Style magazine “Backstage at the Artist Lounge at Coachella last weekend, Katy kept saying her boyfriend was the guitar player for Florence and the Machine,” continuing “She and a bunch of friends were supposed to go see Dr. Dre together, but Katy said she was waiting to watch her boyfriend perform!”

The pop star split from her husband Russell Brand in late 2011 and was later linked to French model Baptiste Giabiconi before hooking up with rocker Ackroyd. 

Katy wore this to last week’s Coachella Music Festival. 

By Michael Prieve

  1. lilo

    At lease Russell showed some respect and was not flaunting his new relationship. 2 bfs after 3 months of her divorce? Celebs! Their heart is made of stone

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