Russell Brand Puts On His Jogging Spandex To Visit “Occupy Wall Street”

Me oh my.  Russell Brand looked less like Aldous Snow and more like a fitness-lovin’ soccer mom yesterday (October 20th) in New York City.  Brand took his spandex to the Occupy Wall Street movement downtown, a protest that has left the Brit truly fascinated.  He wrote on his blog yesterday, “Leaving my apartment with an objective no grander than to go for a run I somehow landed amidst Zuccotti’s tarpaulin sprawl in unforgivable leggings and a headband that would have had Alice reaching for a shard of cracked looking-glass.”

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Brand, though, wished he had dressed for the occasion, stating “Here in Zuccotti Square these young people clearly felt safe, purposeful, included and behaved with charm, compassion and respect. Naturally I was impressed but more agitated than ever by my jogging outfit. Really, it’s terrible, I mean if we’re going to bring about systemic and meaningful social change, I want to be dressed for it.”

I’m a bit depressed that Brand’s legs look better than mine would in those shiny leggings.