Russell Brand Proves To The World V-Necks Can Be Too Deep

March 7th, 2012 // Leave a Comment
Russell Brand dropping off gifts and walking around New Orleans

Has Russell Brand started wearing the clothes Katy Perry left behind?

The comedian was spotted in New Orleans today (March 7th) sporting a v-neck that looks like it came from the women’s section of Ross, nearly ruining the chest baring shirts for men everywhere. Brand is in The Big Easy filming an upcoming, and untitled, Diablo Cody movie that also features recent Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer.

Ironically, Brand was flaunting his fashion disaster while wandering around the set’s wardrobe trailers. We can only pray they aren’t paying a costume designer to dress anyone like this.

Don’t get us wrong, we encourage the hot men of the world to show off their goods with appropriately sized v-neck’s. But no one wants to see your nipples, Russell. No one.

By Jason Marshall

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