Russell Brand Heads To Yoga, Getting Sued For Allegedly Hitting A Pedestrian

Russell Brand gets into an auto accident post-divorce.
Russell Brand needs to pull up his pants.
Russell Brand In London
The actor walked around town sans wedding ring.
Looks like all the happy times and hanging out with Harper Beckham was short lived for Russell Brand.

According to TMZ, the funny man is being sued for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with his car. The suit claims that Russell was driving “negligently” when he crashed into a Mr. Victor Sneed back in January. Victor is suing for more than $25,000 claiming that he’s suffered personal injuries and medical bills.

No word from Russell yet on how he feels about the subject. This isn’t the first time Russell has gotten himself into some legal trouble. Remember when he broke that paparazzo’s iPhone? He seems to have gotten out of that one, so maybe he’ll figure out a way out of this one.

Also, do you think this is one of those real cases where Russell actually hit the guy? Or one of those things where they were just close to each other and now Victor Sneed is trying to get some money out of Russell cause lawyers told him to? January was quite a long time ago.

Russell didn’t seem to let the legal troubles get him down as he headed to yoga this morning. Maybe he thinks it’s all bullocks. Check out the photos of Russell in the gallery and don’t forget to leave us your two cents on the matter in the comments.