Russell Brand Has A Fan In Kristen Bell

After Arthur kinda-sorta bombed at the box office its opening weekend, Russell Brand’s former co-star Kristen Bell came to his defense.  At the Scream 4 premiere last week, Bell told the LA Times,

“If you make something that nobody hates, then nobody loves it. And I think that’s a really good rule to live by,” Bell remarked about Arthur’s reviews. “[Russell] elicits emotions out of people, and whether you like it or not — whether he’s too daring for you or not — I think he’s a really good guy.”

Bell, spotted yesterday leaving an office building in Hollywood, still believes her Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star has what it takes to be a leading man, even if some of his material is misunderstood.  Bell explained, “Not everybody gets him, and they don’t have to. Not everybody got Richard Pryor, but he’s still one of the best comedians out there.”

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Check out what else Bell had to say about Brand, her role in  Scream 4, and her main squeeze, Dax Shepard in the video after the jump.