Russel Brand The New Batman?

Is Russel Brand the new Batman?

Hmm…Not quite. More like he’s playing dress up on the set of his upcoming film, Arthur in NYC on Saturday. Brand and his all-star cast including the adorable Jennifer Garner, Dame Helen Mirren, and Nick Nolte are remaking the 1981 film which starred Liza Minnelli about a drunk who must marry a woman he has no interest in just to ensure an inheritance of his family’s fortune.

Now, what a tight black plastic man suit with a flask, nips, and a blackberry has to do with the storyline? No idea. At least he’s staying hydrated!

Brand really seems to be kicking some butt lately, no pun intended. He is recently engaged to pop star Katy Perry, stars in the box office hit Get Him To The Greek, and is the voice of Dr. Nefario in the recent film Despicable Me co-starring Steve Carell…oh and let’s not forget the opportunity to channel an alcohol inspired Batman suit for an afternoon which has to be the cherry on top of a very successful year.