Russell Brand and Katy Perry Spice Up ‘Get Him To The Greek’ Premiere

May 26th, 2010 // 6 Comments

While Katie Perry was by her fiance’s side at the Get Him To The Greek premiere yesterday, Russel Brand was concerned with the other lady in his life.

“Where’s my mum?” Russell demanded as he pushed through the crowds. “My mum’s doing press? She’s not qualified!” It looks like she caught up to him a little later with Dad also in tow.

While Katie seemed to channel Cleopatra in her George Chakra dress and blunt hair, Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss, in pleated dress and curled tendrils, echoed a certain ancient Greek feel (yes, I know the title alludes to the LA theater but it’s still cute).

Kristen Bell goes for sort of a boxy look with sharply contrasting white cropped paper bag pants, a metallic bronze top and blazer, but she’s so darn cute she pulls it off.

Vanessa Hudgens looks more like she’s going to her first day of school in a floral dress and leather bomber, but she’s glowing next to Zac Efron who went all dark down to the Converse.

Rosario Dawson looks like she’s on her way to an office job in a black pencil skirt, white blouse, and a short chain pure. It’s not bad, but who wants to dress like a 9-to-5er when you can dress like a movie star? Selma Blair went black and white, but she added a cool mysterious edge to her look.

Leslie Mann was my winner for the night in mixed metallics, contrasting the hard metal feel with a soft flowing dress.

Click through the gallery to check out the rest of the looks, Jonah Hill and his girl, and Sean Combs and his necklace.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Red

    This movie looks hilarious! I can’t wait to see it! Everyone looked awesome at the premiere too. Is that Diddy with his mom?

  2. NYjoe23

    What can i say except im jumping up and down waiting for this movie to come out. ITS GOING TO BE HILARIOUS! perfect start of summer flick!

  3. Blueflameagent3

    Can’t wait to watch this movie!!! I love the movie as i love the characters too! Diddy’s is doing a good job in this movie!

  4. Walkathon

    Oh, I see Rosario Dawson attended the premiere. I love, love, love her!!! I hope she enjoyed the movie, because it really looks fun. Now I’m sure I’m gonna watch it! I will be catching Get Him to the Greek with friends on its release on June 4.

  5. SCFOx

    They are a hot couple! swoon for russell brand! Everyone should check out this great commentary clip video about Diddy’s comedy in the movie. Includes the whole cast – including Russell! So funny, extra footage from the movie: !!

  6. kitty

    gotta love russel’s gold boots. have a stripper friend of mine have a similar pair.

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