“Rush Hour 3″ Leaves Director Hurting for Cash

It appears that director, Brett Ratner, may have put all of his eggs in the “Rush Hour 3″ basket and as a result of poor box office for the film, Ratner is finding himself in a financial bind. From the New York Post:

“Brett got $7 million upfront for the movie, but if it had done as well as ‘Rush Hour 2,’ he would have gotten another $10 million off the back end,” one pal told us. “He got $5 million to direct ‘The X-Men: The Last Stand’ but didn’t see anything on the back end because it barely broke even. He’s now trying to command a fee of $10 million upfront to direct a movie which is out of range for a lot of projects. His cash is running a bit low.”

In addition, Brett hasn’t exactly been Rico Suave on the set, attempting to get dates by ordering female extras to give him their phone numbers, which sounds oh-so-charming of him. For his part, Brett’s reps deny any financial problems, and say that the phone number collecting never happened either. Notwithstanding, “Rush Hour 3″ only made $50 million of the $150 million that it cost to make, so somebody’s got to be hurting at least a little bit. Maybe he should have made a movie with someone wearing a fat suit. America loves fat suits.

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