“Rush Hour 3″ Leaves Director Hurting for Cash

August 15th, 2007 // 12 Comments

It appears that director, Brett Ratner, may have put all of his eggs in the “Rush Hour 3″ basket and as a result of poor box office for the film, Ratner is finding himself in a financial bind. From the New York Post:

“Brett got $7 million upfront for the movie, but if it had done as well as ‘Rush Hour 2,’ he would have gotten another $10 million off the back end,” one pal told us. “He got $5 million to direct ‘The X-Men: The Last Stand’ but didn’t see anything on the back end because it barely broke even. He’s now trying to command a fee of $10 million upfront to direct a movie which is out of range for a lot of projects. His cash is running a bit low.”

In addition, Brett hasn’t exactly been Rico Suave on the set, attempting to get dates by ordering female extras to give him their phone numbers, which sounds oh-so-charming of him. For his part, Brett’s reps deny any financial problems, and say that the phone number collecting never happened either. Notwithstanding, “Rush Hour 3″ only made $50 million of the $150 million that it cost to make, so somebody’s got to be hurting at least a little bit. Maybe he should have made a movie with someone wearing a fat suit. America loves fat suits.

Brett Ratner Continues to Wait Outside Hyde After the Jump

By Lisa Timmons

  1. urban_g6

    How did ‘X-Men:The Last Stand’ barely break even?!? It grossed $459 million globally (fifth-highest of 2006), and was the highest grossing X-Men film. It broke all records at the time for highest grossing Memorial day weekend of all time.

    Whoever wrote this needs to check their facts.

  2. just some guy


    X men may have made 459 million,but it cost 210 million to make,and does not include US and Global advertising and distrubution costs,which adds about another 50-75 million depending on how heavly its promoted

    out of the 459 million x men made,half of that goes to the movie theathers

    so the movie plus advertising cost about 260 million

    it brings in 459 million,but theathers get half so the net profits are 229 million plus it made 48 million in dvd sales(they keep about 75 % of dvd sales) for a total net of about 265 million(plus it will get a little more from cable and tv ,but theather and dvd sales are where they make thier money)

    so the movie makes 265 million,but costs 260 million = it just about broke even

    X men was expected to get spiderman /pirites of the carribean type money in the area of 700 million worldwide

  3. lib4

    No wonder he had a cameo on ENTOURAGE this season…

  4. Ure a FuckFace

    The person who wrote those is a Dumb Impatient Bitch! Yeah RH3 has only made 50 million, but then again it’s only been out 1 weekend u dumb Fuck.

  5. A movie theater’s cut is not 50%. It’s 20-40% depending on the movie. The bigger a movie is supposed to be the /less/ of a percentage the theater gets (more butts in seats equals more popcorn sales which is where theaters actually make their money).

    Now with a $50 million dollar opening and the industry standard 2.8x times opening weekend for final domestic box, we’re probably looking at $140 million in US box. Add in international box, which in a Jackie Chan flick should be huge, plus w-wide DVD sales, licensing to TV (both premium and eventually standard cable/broadcast) and PPV and I think they’ll do ok.

  6. dark phoenix

    oh poo. his cash is running LOW? at 5 million? Poor baby.

  7. just some guy


    “The amount of money from box office sales that the movie theater keeps depends on how long they play the movie,” said Annette Ashurst, an independent film booker in Atlanta, GA. “First-run theaters, if they play a movie for 6 to 8 weeks, get to keep maybe 47 percent of box office profits.”


    Finally, we arrive at the old standby, the movie ticket. In general, the theaters are splitting the total right down the middle, taking $6 of a $12 ticket (for instance). In many businesses a 50 percent mark-up on a product would be healthy, but Epstein claims that the theaters lose much of this potential profit to the costs of maintaining the theater. Or, of course, you could spin it the other way and say that they keep all of this revenue, but then lose part of their outrageous concessions revenues to maintaining the theater.

  8. racehorse

    I’m trying to figure how how that movie could have possibly cost $150 mil to make. Hell, the last Star Wars movie only cost Lucas $120 mil. I just saw Rush Hour 3 last weekend and there was nothing extra-ordinary about it that would warrant that kind of expense.

  9. just some guy

    Chris Tuckers and Jackie Chans salary

  10. maniston

    It is true about him harrassing the extras. A co-worker of mine was an extra in Rush Hour 2. He would call her several times a day telling her how beautiful she was and tried to get her to go out with him. At the same time he was dating REbecca Gayhart. It got so bad that the co-worker had to get assistance from one of the attorneys at the office.

  11. hmweis1

    Maybe they should’ve promoted this movie. I didn’t even know it existed until the day before it was released. Take a lesson from “Spiderman” and “Pirates” and just promote the crap out of it.

  12. magnus

    Who cares about this idiot?

    He sucks as a director and a person.

    RHs 1 2 and 3 are all racist pieces of crap that pander to minorities. Want to spot the bad guy in a Rush Hour movie? Look for the old white man. Because as Chris Tucker says in RH2…at the end of every crime is an old white man.

    Ya that’s not extremely insulting or anything.

    If that line had been Jewish man instead of White the movie never would have been released. But why would a movie produced, written, and directed by jews have a line like that?

    This fat fucking socialites brood deserves to die in a ditch from a scrotum infection.

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