Rupert Grint Refuses To Go Nude Like Daniel Radcliffe

Now that the filming of the Harry Potter series has come to a close, Rupert Grint has made it clear it was high time and he’s already started planning what his next move will be. But he’s made it clear that he won’t be taking the same route as his fellow cast mate Daniel Radcliffe. That is, he isn’t going to be nude in front of a live audience any time soon as Radcliffe famously did in the play Equus. So no, we won’t be seeing Ron’s wand anytime soon.  

“I would love to do some theatre, but I refuse to get my kit off,” Grint said, pictured at a photocall to promote
the release of Cherrybomb on DVD in London yesterday. “I would do anything before doing

So what does he have in mind? Preferably a Shakespeare play the actor said. A classic comedy sounds like a wise move for the actor as he breaks into the adult world.